Qi Jing Ba Mai - Treating the Heart Shen, Qi Qing (Seven Emotions), Wu Xing Personality Traits and the Wu Shen (Five Spirits)

2015, 279 min.
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David Hartmann explains the history of the extraordinary vessels and what the different Chinese words mean. The Qi Jing Ba Mai shows how to regulate the Seven Emotions, Wu Shen (Five Spirits), and Wu Xing (Five Elements) archetypes. Each of the vessels are individually focusing on their general functions, confluent points and what emotions (Wu Shen/Wu Xing) they treat. He gives a short overview over the extraordinary vessels and when and how to use them. David Hartmann explains also the three ancestry´s. He explains the confluent points and how to treat the different extraordinary vessels. Also practical examples are given in this lecture. He explains a lot of practical examples of his own practical work and which points he his using in the different cases.

David Hartmann erläutert die Geschichte der außerordentlichen Gefäße und was die verschiedenen Chinesischen Wörter bedeuten. Qi Jing Ba Mai zeigt, wie die sieben Emotionen, Wu Shen (fünf Geister) und Wu Xing (Fünf Elemente) Modelle reguliert werden können. Jedes der Gefäße ist auf eine bestimmte Funktion, ihre Einflusspunkte und auf ihre Emotionen (Wu Shen, Wu Xing) fokussiert. Er erläutert die drei Abstammungen und zeigt die Einflusspunkte und wie die verschiedenen außerordentlichen Gefäße behandelt werden sollen. Abgerundet wird dieser Vortrag durch einige praktische Beispiele aus seiner täglichen Praxis.


Hartmann, D.

David Hartmann is an Acupuncturist and Tui Na practitioner having graduated from the Australian College of Natural Medicine (now Endeavour) in 1996. He has been a TCM lecturer/course writer for the past 13 years in Australia, as well as presented seminars throughout Australia (most recently the AACMA conference in Melbourne, May 2014), New Zealand, and the USA (most recently the WFAS conference in Houston, Oct 2014).David has also written a textbook titled “Acupoint Dictionary 2e” which was internationally published by Elsevier (March 2009). He has completed a ‘Masters of Acupuncture’ (at Southern Cross University in 2010) and has started a PhD qualifier (currently deferred) at Australian Catholic University in Brisbane. Upon completion David will start his Doctorate.In the meantime David is also writing a novel on the history of Eastern (specifically Chinese) and Western philosophy due for completion at the end of 2016.