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The first TCM Videocenter with educational films for practitioners of Acupuncture, Western and Chinese Herbal Medicine, 5-Element nutrition and Qigong/Taiji.

The TCM Videocenter provides lectures on DVD or streaming for TCM therapists and students of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).
Top international experts explain the basics of Chinese medicine as well as diagnoses and treatment strategies for common and seldom diseases. Learn the latest treatments of Traditional Chinese Medicine, such as special acupuncture techniques (Tung´s/balance method), experiences with Chinese and Western herbs, combined with nutrition, Tuina or special forms of Qigong, as well as successful examples of treatment for hundreds of diseases like headaches, back pain, infertility, cancer treatment, mental illness (burn-out, depression), digestive disorders, chronic inflammation, eczema, nutrition topics such as fasting and weight loss.
Benefit from the experience of international top TCM specialists and pick your TCM video out of hundreds of movies. On this website you can find for each video a free trailer (preview). After paying you can decide if you want to get the video on DVD or a direct link to immediately watch the video in streaming mode. Then you can watch the video whenever and wherever you want as often as you want.