2012, 20 min.
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The online Lecture from Sun about Bi syndrome is about one of complicated complaints, which requires unique approaches to deal with. Most of symptomatic treatment often fails in the daily practice in case only stressed on Wind, Cold and Damp in general.
This lecture will mainly cover the general pathogenesis, differentiations, importance of Zheng-Qi, diagnosis and both acupuncture and herbal treatment. The lecture aims to discuss the thorough knowledge of Bi syndrome, providing some efficient treatment. Some dietary advices are also presented besides the treatment.


Sun, Peilin

Sun Peilin, finished medical study in 1981 and obtained his Master degree of TCM in 1988. Sep. 1988 till Oct. 1990 lecturer in Nanjing University of TCM. Oct. 1990 till present, lecturing TCM in Belgium and some European countries. Since 2000, guest professor at Guangxi university of TCM and Jiangxi college of TCM, China. His publications include “Bi syndrome or rheumatic diseases treated by TCM”, “The treatment of pain with Chinese herbs and acupuncture”, “The management of post operative pain with acupuncture” and “Sports medicine in TCM”.

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