Acupuncture in the support of patients with musculoskeletal disorders - A palpation based acupuncture view / Palpationsbasierte Akupunktur bei Erkrankungen des Bewegungsapparats

musculoskelateral Euler
2015, 337 min.
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The first part of the workshop will emphasize the palpatory diagnosis of the individual patient for the differentiation of constitutional imbalances and disorders that prevent healing. Here Common constitutional problems such as Adrenal gland exhaustion, Immune system imbalances, Autonomic nerve system imbalances and structural imbalances (including scar tissue) will be explained and demonstrated. The second part of the workshop will demonstrate the differential diagnosis and treatment approaches to specific orthopedic and musculoskeletal problems (neck and shoulders, arms, back, hips and lower limbs).


Euler, D.

David Euler, L.Ac. is a recognized, international authority on modern Japanese styles of acupuncture and its integration with traditional Chinese theory and Western medical practice. He has worked for over 22 years incorporating a palpation based system of acupuncture into clinical practice and has published seminal texts on this subject. He is experienced in the training of physicians and  acupuncturists in acupuncture and is known for his “hands-on” teaching style. Currently David is the co-director and core teacher of the Acupuncture course for physicians at Harvard Medical School, teaches in several locations around the world and previously, he was a member of the faculty and a clinical supervisor at the New England School of Acupuncture.